PR: Leo Vetter Announces Candidacy for Burleigh County Auditor

Bismarck Homebuilder and Former State Auditor’s Office Staff Brings Expertise to Ballot



Bismarck, ND – Leo Vetter announces his candidacy for Burleigh County Auditor after successfully collecting and presenting his petition with over 300 signatures to be placed on the ballot for the position. Vetter has experience working in the North Dakota State Auditor’s Office and currently owns and operates a construction company specializing in custom homes.

Vetter will be a candidate on the June primary ballot. He believes his past experience conducting county audits across the state, combined with his years of contracting and small business ownership, make him a strong candidate to guide the Burleigh County Auditor’s Office.

“It’s an honor to have collected the needed signatures to be on the ballot for Burleigh County Auditor this June,” Vetter said. “The County Auditor’s Office has an excellent, professional team that serves a vital role in ensuring Burleigh County is operating at high standards. I believe my years of experience auditing other counties and running our small business qualify me well to work with the team as Burleigh County’s Auditor.”

About Leo Vetter:

Leo Vetter is a lifelong Bismarck resident. He attended Bismarck High School and went on to study at Bismarck Junior College, Northern Arizona University, and Mary College, graduating with degrees in accounting and business.

He worked for the North Dakota State Auditors Office for a number of years after college, performing county audits across North Dakota, before starting a home building business with his wife, Diane. Leo and Diane still operate Vetter Homes Inc. today.

Through over 30 years of residential and commercial construction, Leo has worked with County officials and staff, as well as subcontractors and vendors from around the state. He has also been involved in numerous leadership positions with community organizations including: Former Board Member, Missouri Valley Fair Board; President and Vice President, Heart Butte Association, Lake Tschida; Past President, Bismarck Trail and Motorcycle Club; Bismarck Hockey Boosters; Bismarck High Track and Field Volunteer; and Bismarck Elks Lodge 1199.

Learn more about Leo on our about page. 


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