You Deserve Vetter for Burleigh County

A Business Leader with a Proven Record of Making Tough Calls, the Right Calls.

Leo has a proven track record as a successful business owner in the community and a long history working closely with county officials and other governing bodies, ranging from local fair boards to the Department of the Interior and the United States Senate.

His 40 plus years in the construction industry have brought years of experience with county and municipal policies, building codes, and permitting, combined on top of the rest of his resume, make Leo the choice to represent the tax payers on the Burleigh County Commission.

Thank you for visiting. We hope we can count on your vote for Leo Vetter for the Burleigh County Commission.

“Leo Vetter, a lifelong Bismarck resident and homebuilding contractor, said he wants to serve his community. Vetter said he is concerned about roads and saving taxpayers money.”
– The Bismarck Tribune


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