Vetter for Burleigh County Auditor

Trained Accountant | Former North Dakota State Auditor’s Office Staff | Long-time General Contractor & Small Business Owner

Leo Vetter has a proven track record as a successful business owner in the community and a long history working closely with county officials and other governing bodies, ranging from local fair boards to the Department of the Interior and the United States Senate.

After completing his college education in accounting, he worked in the North Dakota State Auditor’s Office where he conducted audits of numerous counties and departments across the state.

His years as a small business owner in the construction industry have brought a strong understanding of counties, their policies, codes, and permitting, and combined with his experience in accounting and time at the State Auditor’s Office, make Leo the choice to be Burleigh County Auditor.

Thank you for visiting. We hope we can count on your vote for Leo Vetter for Burleigh County Auditor.


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