Vetter for Burleigh County Auditor

Thank you for joining me!

We’ve just completed gathering signatures to be your candidate for Burleigh County Auditor. Now we move on to the November election. Many of you probably helped already by signing our petition — thank you!

Now we move on to the November, where I ask for your vote.

I believe my experience working with the numerous, hardworking people at Burleigh County, the city of Bismarck, and the many other local officials and citizens (including the many state employees from my time at the Auditor’s Office) in our community will be valuable in performing for the taxpayers as Burleigh County Auditor.

In the coming months, I hope you’ll see more of me, as I share my experience and highlight the key qualifications that I believe make me an exceptional candidate to serve as your Burleigh County Auditor.

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