Vetter for County Commission

Thank you for joining me!

We finished the June primary as one of the top vote-getters and now we move on to the November election for Burleigh County Commission. Many of you probably helped already by signing our petition and voting in the primary — thank you!

Now we move on to the November, where I ask for your vote.

I believe my experience working with the numerous, hardworking people at Burleigh County, the city of Bismarck, and the many other local officials and citizens (as well as state workers in my former profession at the Auditors Office) in our community will be valuable for the taxpayers of Burleigh County.

I didn’t enter this race with a preconceived notion that everything is broken — or the opposite.

Instead, if elected, I’ll approach it the same way I’ve approached life, and work, and other public service: I have always looked at each situation objectively, with the goal of doing the best job possible, in the fairest and quickest manner possible, at the lowest price possible.

And I believe that approach can be applicable to the many issues important to the county — from roads and infrastructure, to lowering taxes and support for law enforcement.

I believe my years of experience will help speed up the decision making process, ensure decisions are the right ones, and save tax payers money.

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